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Justin is a lover of being a self confessed organiser which is perfect as a role as Master of Ceremonies as the role normally guides an event. With many Master of Ceremonies under his belt, Justin is a relaxed and caring speaker. He would love to assist you at any of the following events:

  • Weddings Receptions

  • Balls & Corporate Events

  • Parties

  • Award Nights


Justin has a beautifully rounded work history and has the ability to talk about relevant topics at your upcoming event. If you are interested in a keynote speaker, Justin is available to discuss the following topics:

  • General Business - Where to start / How to Sell yourself / Personal Branding

  • Marketing (Film & Video, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Branding, Graphic Design & Photography).

  • Social Media Platforms for Business: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Club House!

  • Recruitment & Retention:

    • Get work ready

    • Staying relevant for your career

    • Internal Recruitment & Process

    • Remuneration & Retention (Including Employee Benefits)

  • Speaking from experience: Success when the world is against you | Childhood Bullying, Closeted Queer Teenager, Being an out Queer Man trying to make it in the big bad world & the troubles and tribulations of moving three countries during my schooling years.

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